Learn How to Create a Website from Start to Finish

In these tutorials, I am going to teach you how to build a website completely from scratch to finish.

I have been a web and graphic designer and marketing specialist since 1993.

I have built thousands of clients websites, and helped them with marketing and getting found on the web in the first page of google many times (side bar - no one can guarantee you that,

if they do, they will lie about other things too, so be careful) but with what I teach, most my clients are on page one of google organically (which means they are not paying anything extra for it.

I now teach, coach and train people to build websites for theirself, (granted, I have lots of great referral partners, as well as I can do it for you, if you want it all done for you,

but if you want to learn, this is a great option, I have taken my decades of work and training and put it all into a course, step by step and I show you building a client's site from start to finish)

I include sharing all my tools with you, from buying your domain name, getting hosting established, creating your website, choosing a template to use, how to create pages, menus, blogs, email newsletters, images, manipulating text, backgrounds, greeting cards to keep in touch with customers and clients, and much more to running and marketing your business.

I will add you to my private  support group,  to do tutorials in there and answer live ?'s.

You can also see some of the relationship marketing tips I teach in my best selling book on Amazon, Keep Those Clients.


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